Commercial Solar Energy


Solar is the hot new thing for commercial settings. Not only will this reduce your carbon footprint, it also allows you to save money on your energy bills.

There is no better company than NHC Solar to help your business get the solar power system that it needs to function with this amazing renewable energy source. Every business is different, so you need a company like NHC Solar that can accommodate your commercial needs not just offer you a cookie cutter solution. There is no company quite like NHC Solar when it comes to your commercial solar needs.

NHC Solar has decades of knowledge and experience that will give you the peace of mind that you need when choosing a solar company for your business. The team of professionals have different backgrounds, which allows them to come up with the most effective solutions for green energy at your company. There are a lot energy efficient regulations that are in place to encourage people to make the switch to a more energy efficient system. There are a lot of incentives right now that you should take advantage of that will not only help you to pay for a new solar system at your company but also to save you money in the long-term.

NHC Solar works with a wide array of properties including shopping centres, apartments, hotels, and so many other options. We create custom tailored energy solutions for each of our customers to reduce your costs and increase the appeal of renting your facilities.

There are so many other great reasons to go solar, such as:

  • Improve profit and cash flow
  • Improve your work environment
  • Increase property values
  • Reduce operational costs

NHC Solar offers so many services for you to choose from:

  • Energy audits and assessments
  • Solar PV & Hot Water
  • HVAC
  • Insulation
  • Energy Management
  • Draught Proofing
  • Ventilation and air quality
  • Lighting upgrades

A specialist will come out to do an energy assessment on your office or building to see what your needs are. The goal is to find any areas around your space that could be wasting your money on your energy bill. This is a full audit that can really help you to find any vulnerabilities in the space. Not only that, we can point you in the direction of government rebates that can save you money on any installations that we do.

Solar is the solution for commercial sites, which is why our company NHC Solar offers the best solutions for your business. From the start of the project to the finish, we guarantee that you are getting exactly the services that you need for a price that works with your budget. Solar is an investment in your business that will offer you an amazing return when you see how much you are saving on your energy costs. Energy costs seem to always be rising and solar is one of the best things that you have on your side to fight against these rising costs.

Energy costs seem to always be rising and solar is one of the best things that you have on your side to fight against these rising costs.


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