Residential Solar Energy


The solar energy products we offer are the latest technology available, we endeavour to offer you the best possible resources to meet your energy needs.

NHCSolar’s pricing is competitive and we offer financing for your residence or business because we understand that while in the long run the cost of the panels pay for themselves and save greatly on the amount of financial output experienced, but it can seem a bit overwhelming at the onset.

We provide energy assessments, management and audits with regards to your residential or business solar energy power needs. We offer solar power and solar hot water product technology to match your energy needs. Products that pertain to insulation, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Some of the services that we offer our customers are energy assessment, management and auditing for your energy systems. Other services we offer include but are not limited to voltage optimization, and power factor correction units.

After we assess and audit your energy system, we tailor make a program with recommendations for the efficiency of your energy system. We identify the major energy users within your system, and we offer investment payback to meet your needs.

We believe in working close with our clients in investing any type of governmental programs that may be offered to your residence or business regarding the installation, conversion and use of solar power as your alternative power source.

Your business may need a rooftop or grounded solar PV system which we offer as part of our products, including any necessary irrigation, building monitoring systems and electric type vehicle that may be used. We also offer products that further reduces the energy use of your business.

From Solar Panels 275 to 330 watt polycrystalline to inverters that can be small or large scale or made for private use depending on your business or residential power needs. Tesla and LG type batteries for the storage of excess energy, Suntech and Trina Solar Panels as well as meters and other materials required or the installation and usage of solar power.

In today’s modern technology world where everyone is trying to reduce the harmful effects on the planet and save money there is a wide variety of products that can be utilised today while using solar energy. The possibilities are endless for the ways we can use solar power to simplify our lives while living a greener life in harmony with others and the nature of this planet. Maintaining the resources that this planet has to offer are of the utmost importance, anything and everything that we can do to maintain or preserve them for future generations, including the use of solar energy is a highly necessary part of our current world.

The products we offer are varied, each situation is unique depending on your business or residence. Contact us for a consultation where we can discuss the services and products we are offering regarding solar energy.

Choose the right size Solar system

We understand how important it is to install the best solar system for the job. That’s why we’ll help you get it right.

Average Home

Average daily production 24kwh

Estimated Annual Savings

$900 - $1,200

Medium Home

Average daily production 30kwh

Estimated Annual Savings

$1,100 - $1,300

Large Home

Average daily production 52kwh

Estimated Annual Savings

$2,200 - $2,600


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